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Last christmas...
Looking on local second hand site, I decided to offer myself a present (here was supposed to be a smiley)

Why ?
A belgian randonneur ...
Very unusual since this shop was not supposed to have built bikes but to put the parts together.
A bit short, all was at my taste and I quickly agreed with the seller to pick up the bike.

The seller send me additional pictures and told me that he wasn't immediatelly available

Yes, "that" derailleur !

It has also to be noted that the frame allows for different components

And ...

no more replies...
I then contacted again the seller and ... sold !

Grrrr (here an upset smiley should have been but the rule of max pics # ...)

Yesterday , saw a friend.
I meet him at each vintage bike event and he is a builder of woden handlebars

He came with that bike !

yes and quite well made

The good thing is that the bike has found a good home (and here I had to delete a thumb up smiley... )
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