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Fixed Gear chain link question

I've googled whether it is safe to frequently connect and disconnect a master link, but many sources said it depended on the chain and the speed.

If I were using two Izumi V chains, and I used a standard 1 1/8 KMC masterlink, would it be possible to disassemble the masterlink frequently? I have a 47x20t freewheel configuration and a 47x17t fixed gear configuration I would like to switch between frequently(somewhat), and I don't want to take out pins every time I need a longer/shorter chain. Would a masterlink be an appropriate solution to this? I've heard that you should've reuse a masterlink that you have taken apart. I would prefer not to buy a new masterlink everytime I switch but I guess that is okay.

Basically, is it safe to disassemble and re-connect masterlinks frequently on a 1 1/8 track chain? If not, what are other solutions?

Thanks and sorry for the noob question, happy riding!
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