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No more snake bites

After the seventh pinch flat in a year, I began to wonder! One night, as I was in the garage repairing a pile of tubes, I started thinking. After thinking about what might cause pinch flats, I realized they were not caused by under inflation. I have rubbed talcum powder into the tire casing and on the tubes so the tube would slide around when it was inflated, and continued to have pinch flats. I came to the realization that they are caused by the tube getting caught between the tire’s bead and the rim. The actual flat could occur any time afterward, but it usually happens when you hit a bump thus putting a sharp stress on the tire and tube.

I let the air out of the tire I had just mounted. I checked it by pushing my thumbs against the near rim, and pulling the tire away from the opposite rim. After checking around the tire I found a small section of tube caught between the bead and the rim. There was my next pinch flat. I moved the tube out of the way of the bead and checked the rest of the tire and pumped it up. Since then I pump up each tire a little, let the air out, and inspect it. I haven't had another pinch flat in over fifteen years.
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