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This has always been the accepted way to inflate any tube/tire combination. You always want a small amount of air in the tube ( new or repaired ) to make it take the shape of the tire. This makes it less likely that you will catch the tube with the pry bar ( if one or two are used to remount the tire to the rim ). I've always used talc on the tube when inserting it into the tire. Always get the air nozzle side installed first and carefully tuck the tube inside the tire and make sure no part of the tube is outside the rim. Seat the tire carefully on one side of the rim and then the other side, using a pry bar only if necessary to prevent damage to the tube or the tire. Inflate a few pounds, check the tire sidewalls, deflate, the inflate to the desired pressure. Don't forget to use some "spit" on the valve tube to make sure the valve core isn't lose ( schrader valves ).
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