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Originally Posted by Shahmatt View Post
Noted about the shield. Though I did come across a youtube video where a larger sprocket with shield is replaced with a 14T sprocket without. Not really sure how that works. I'll post it up if I find it again.

If I remove the inner assembly would I need to worry about spilling/losing grease? I do not have any of that Shimano recommended grease on me. I only have some generic stuff that's red colour that a local LBS gave me for real cheap.

Given that the wheel spun pretty easily minus reinstalling the shield, sprocket and gear cassette mechanism, would not the problem be something to do with these items instead of the internals?
Chances are it's the shield or cassette mechanism, but I would check if the bearings are properly adjusted. Since removing the inner assembly is only two steps more than adjusting the bearing cone on the brake side, I would pop out the inner assembly just to have a look. No grease will fall out.

It's unrelated to the issue you are having (most likely), but after years of use the inner assembly gunks up and the left and right-hand bearings run almost dry. It's not much effort to clean the assembly (at least superficially) without taking it apart, clean the bearing races in the hub shell and repack with bearing grease (any generic bearing grease will do).

If there is a problem with the assembly itself you will likely notice when you take it out. Maybe a pawl has broken or one of the bearing retainers. Clean the big rubber seal as it has a tendency to collect lots of gunk. Lightly oil before reassembly.
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