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this intrigues me. I have thought of it before but figured it would never be strong enough to hold and i would probably end up injured. a coworker suggested having it welded.

What sized sleeves would i need for inside and outside? any chance i can get them some at the hardware store?

Ive been into several shops looking for a narrower handlebar. They all have the same 42 cm origin 8 handlebar that they wanna charge 25-30 dollars for. which i can easily get online for 12. Most shops only want to sell you a new bike. If you come in asking for something out of the ordinary prepare to be bombarded with sarcastic condescending comments. If you tell them your doing the work yourself they wont even turn their head to talk to you.

There is a huge class difference here in Miami. Everything is either really high end or complete trash. this a applies to everything not just bike shops.
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