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Originally Posted by sodbreaker View Post
Newbie question what do all of you do before during and after a bike ride. Nutrition exercise planning etc. Any advise you have for a newbie? Thanks
I eat breakfast which is probably 2-3 energy bars totaling 450-600 Calories that don't have too many carbs, except on Mondays when I have ones which are more easily digested so I don't throw up riding zone 5 intervals ~1.5 hours later.

I take one water bottle for rides under 2 hours, two for longer rides.

I take an energy bar if I'll be riding too close to meal time and am risking hunger, but otherwise don't need to eat on rides under 4 hours.

I usually add air to my tires on Monday mornings.

If it's below 55 degrees I start rides wearing a wind jacket and wear a jersey with pockets big enough to hold it. At 50 degrees I add knee warmers. 45 calls for full-fingered gloves. If rain is likely I'll stick a shell in a jersey pocket.

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