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Originally Posted by User1 View Post
( So now I'm working on getting another Continental Touring Plus 700x37 tire and rolling with this set. From what I've read, it seems like these tires are made in India and run slim. So I'm thinking I'll end up with a 34-35mm setup.

Questions and comments:

- Your tires running about the size stated or smaller?
- No one ever mentions these tires are made in India.
- No one ever mentions if sizes are true or what.
- How do you like them so far?

Being that I backed into these and are cheap, I'm going to be far less "ruthless" than if I spent my hard earned money on these.
If you want a high-quality, 37c Conti touring tire that is made in Germany you should get these:

continental bicycle Top CONTACT II

Don't but cheap. Buy smart. The story on Contis is that they run a bit narrow. My current set of the above has been on very rough mountainous roads with a full load and 210 lbs. of me. They also recently enjoyed the Mickelson Trail, which is pretty rough, especially after all the rain SD has had thus summer. I also commute on them daily. Close to 2,000 loaded miles and who knows how many commuting miles on the banged up streets of Philly. One flat from what looked like a tiny piece of wire from a shredded car tire. And the tires still look in good shape.
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