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OK well I got my other tire today and decided to do a detailed measurement when installing them. Some people have commented that they found the Contis to measure kinda narrow. For tires made in Germany, I found them to be pretty much on the mark. The ones I was taking off my bike right now are pretty new Grand Prix 4-season. The specs are as follows;

Grand Prix 4 season 700x23mm
with 100 psi 24.35mm on Velomax rim measuring 18.80mm outside and 14.10mm inside
Grand Prix 4 season 700x25mm
with 100 psi 25.65mm on Velomax rim measuring 19.15mm outside and 14.20mm inside

The Touring Plus 700x37mm
with 70 psi on same rims measures 30.45mm and 30.95mm

I was getting ready to "wrestle the tiger" after reading that they were hard to mount, but I didn't have any trouble. I was able to take all the tires off and on with no problem just using a little finesse and getting tires off or on. I did notice that my first Tour Plus developed a little bulge after mounting and filling. It could have been me not taking the time to get it seated. I just quickly lowered the air and seated it better. I'm just going to to roll at 40 psi on both tires and let everything seated a little better.

Haven't rolled on these, so nothing on these "37s" yet. I was a little iffy on using some tubes that had it labeled as 700x28-35mm. Ended up that they weren't even close to worrying about.
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