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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
whatever.. rim width is independent of the Tire Makers control..

rubber grows well in that part of the world, and the workers are paid Low ,

so why wouldn't a Corporation want to lower those Costs ?
The rim width on my rims is a little over 14mm and I'm betting that's in the ballpark of an average 700c rim. Tell the truth, I never had a problem getting around what the tire was advertised as. This discrepancy started happening when I started coming across name brand tires being made in more cost effective countries. That being India and Thailand so far. This lack of giving the buying public what the thought they were buying is going to do nothing but cause trouble down the line for the buying public, the retailers, and finally the name brands. Notice I didn't mention the manufacturers? If someone paid retail for some tire and it was 3-7mm shy on the width, you don't think they have right for doing practically anything they want regarding this purchase?

BTW, if anyone has a study they've seen regarding the width of rims and the overall width of the tires, can you please post what you've seen? I'm betting it's not that big of a difference in the overall width of the tire between one or the other rims.
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