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Originally Posted by LesterOfPuppets View Post
Ohhh, so it's while chain is on small cog and that is an actual pic of the situation!!!

Which chainring is the chain on up front?
Big chain ring. 50-12 configuration. I've a 50/34 compact on a new 12-30 cassette, got new chain and new derailleur (medium cage) since my previous one could only do 12-27.
At first I thought it was spacers problem, so I took off the cassette and I looked at that sprocket specifically and I can see that the one tooth in the picture comes more outward than all the others. I just don't have enough info to know if that's to help shifting (a feature) or a defect
I tried to straighten it up by pressing that tooth against the concrete, it didn't do a thing so I could not possibly see how could I could have bent it, in case it's bent, so I'm assuming it either a feature or a manufacturing defect.
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