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Originally Posted by RoadGuy View Post
The condition of the parts are clues to what is wrong. Obviously you don't spend much time cleaning your equipment (judging from the filthy condition). That can be part of the problem. How clean the parts are will affect how and how far the moving parts move. The crud may be preventing the rear derailleur from moving enough outwards to keep the teeth of the 2nd cog from contacting the chain.

Did you didn't adjust the limits and the cable tension when you installed the new cassette and chain did you? Again, a sloppy bike usually points to a sloppy mechanic. I'm guessing that you simply threw the new parts on and went riding, without checking the adjustments.

In 200? miles you could have picked up a rock or dropped the bike and bent the rear derailleur or the derailleur hanger. These are problems that would not have been caused by your installation of the new chain and cassette. The point is, that the parts are no-longer new, and problems that you see now, may not be related to the parts that you installed 200? miles ago.
Oh good grief. Give the guy a break. Taking another look, those parts actually look pretty clean. They look about as dirty as they'd be after ONE long ride. Maybe you keep your bikes showroom clean by not riding them

If you used a little common sense you could've figured out that the OP was talking about parts that were "installed new" and not still on the stand, never ridden.
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