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First post introduction

My name is Tim and I'm a 50+ from outside Philadelphia. While on a recent trip to Chicago with my wife I saw a triathlon going on that inspired me to get my Raleigh Pro Technium out of the shed and blow the dust off of it and air up the tires. Probably haven't been on it for over 10 years and I have put on a little weight since then. Was thinking about starting up biking again to loose some weight. I have always been intrigued by the fixed gear bikes although I have never tried one. I'm looking for a more robust bike considering my weight and was looking at the hybrids but the FIXIES keep calling me. Was looking for a more simple upright single speed bike although I do have some hills. Was looking at the GT MEATBALL for simplicity and 2 speed hub. Been to some LBS and have tried some hybrids with mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes. I rode the MEATBALL and liked the automatix shift but didn't care for the moaning coaster brake noise. I also rode a chrome SE LAGER that I really liked although for now I think I need some more rubber underneath me, which is what led me to this forum. It was while researching the LAGER that led to the KILO that led me to the KILO WT that led me here...So like it or not here I am!

I think I would have pulled the purchase trigger from if the KILOWT came in chrome.
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