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Sora Double Front Brifter

Hey Everybody, my first post here on the forum in many many years.

Anyways, I'm dabbling at getting back into cycling after about a 7 year hiatus. Yesterday I picked up a Fuji Sportif 1.5 from the local Performance on an end of year clearance deal. (Fuji Sportif 1.5 C Road Bike - 2014)

Took it out for a 12 mile greenway ride after I got home with it yesterday (first bike ride in about 6 years) and I noticed something odd with the Sora front brifter. Shifting into the big ring is no problem. One click, and boom.

Shifting down into the little ring is odd though, it seems to require two clicks of the shifter. The first time I push it, it clicks, and the derailleur moves a little (maybe a mm or two) and then the 2nd time I click it, the shifter will move the derailleur down and let it shift into the little ring.

At first I thought it was a triple shifter, but it's clearly labeled as a double. Before I take it back to Performance, I just wanted to ask: Is this normal for the Sora shifters?
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