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Originally Posted by bowermb View Post
That was sarcasm. Just drawing attention to the fact that max tire size doesn't match front to rear.

Aesthetically it doesn't work for me, and the fact that I requested a frame built to a max tire dimension and that was not delivered. (Side note: he did ask me what the max tire size was to be; I didn't make a special request) Sorry, but I can't answer to your other questions specific to the crown.
If you take a look at any CX bike you will find similar clearances to yours, including the variations. These are because of geometry (not cycling frame geometry, but plain old maths geometry), tube sizes for the respective frame members, and conventional wisdom. Bikes are made up of triangles. Chainstays are shorter than seatstays, so therefore come at the bottom bracket (from the axles) at a steeper angle. The tire is very close to the apex of this triangle, and the chainstays are also larger relative to seatstays, so clearances here would be narrower. On the seatstays, they have a longer distance to travel, so the angle is shallower. The tire is also nowhere near the apex of this triangle, hence the differing clearances. Forks are a good place to have as much clearance as possible as mentioned above.

It sounds like you're nit-picking about things that are normal, if not accepted. It also sounds like the frame builder accommodated your desires, you just didn't know EXACTLY what you wanted going into the build. If this was an issue for you, you should have mentioned it to them before hand.
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