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Originally Posted by SJX426 View Post
Taking lots of pictures back then too, huh Jeff! Thanks for sharing your history with bikes! Enjoyable. I wish I could remember all the ones I had, or at least what they were. I remember each bike but don't recall the MFG or model of most. I think I paid attention with the Peugeot in 1969 when I was bit by the bug of quality bikes. Eddie may have had some influence as this was in Franfurt. I purchased a sew up set of wheels with the bike. Clinchers to ride to work, sew up's for weekend rides. Now I am rambling!

Your attention to detail sets the standard as does your personality that comes through your posts!
Such nice words, Patrick - thank you. And you know that goes right back at you

I made a list some years ago that included every bike I'd ever owned up until then. I can probably recite from memory...lets see...

Purple bike I learned on
Schwinn Apple Krate (red)
Schwinn Traveler III (red)
Centurion Le Mans (black)
Raleigh Super Course 12 (bronze)
Olmo Nuovo Super Sprint (metallic gray)
Colnago 89XL (red)
Orbit Road (white)
Raleigh Technium (red)
Nishiki MTB (yellow/blue fade)
Gios Compact (blue)
Colnago Mexico (gold)
Freschi Supreme (red)
Condor Strada (metallic red)
Guerciotti Air (metallic blue)
Saba (rebadged Alpina)(champagne, then flo-orange, finally metallic brown)
Colnago Mexico (red, then pink, then metallic red)
SR Litage (raw aluminum)
Tommasini Super Prestige (silver marble, then red)
Eddy Merckx Corsa (yellow)
Colnago Super (black, then red)
Huffy Good Vibrations (rusty red)
Denti Special (green/silver fade)
Gios Torino (blue)
Davidson Road (custom, metallic orange)
Cinelli Super Corsa (pearl white, then metallic blue)
Atala Professional (pearl white, then metallic purple)
Mondia Special (rattlecan black, then metallic blue)
Olmo Competition (silver)
Somec Supercorsa (metallic blue)
Casati Perfection (metallic pink fading over gold base)
Colnago Super (Molteni orange, then Molteni orange again)
Dennis Sparrow (orange)
Olympia Super Leggera (red)
Colnago Super (metallic light blue)
Colnago Super (metallic dark blue, completed bike in bare metal)
Medici Pro Strada (dark green)
Davidson Stilleto (burgandy)
Klein Pulse II (powder blue)
Medici Pro Strada (California Burgandy)

denotes the bikes (or framesets) which currently reside in my stable.

I think that's pretty close - might have missed one or two frame-only purchases


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