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Originally Posted by Drillium Dude View Post
Do y'all have similar stories? Or just stories? Feel free to leave 'em here!
Well who knows where any pictures are but I think my cycling started, haltingly, around 1958. My Father bought us a SS fat tire bike. I think it was a Hawthorn but we lived on Hawthorn Road so that memory is probably scrambled. I had a LOT of trouble learning to ride that thing. Training wheels until my Father got mad and took them off. We all remember that one day, in utter frustration at my lack of progress, when he braced me and said "Get out there and learn to ride that bike or come back bloody!" I wheeled the Hawthorn slowly down the driveway and my brother came running along behind with a bottle of ketchup. Big smile and "smear this all over you." Somehow I did learn and never stopped after that.

The Hawthorn passed on as did a 'stingray' type we built up from scratch. Then I started mowing lawns for peanuts, but it seemed like a lot of money back then. I took all my pay in one dollar bills so it looked like more than it was. Finally I had enough green for a new green Schwinn Varsity from a bike shop out on the river road along the Mohawk. I was in heaven. Long story after that for another time........... Now there's 11 bicycles on the property and I'm in better shape than I've even been in. Gosh.
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