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I grew up in the '80s and early '90s riding BMX bikes with friends, playing manhunt and tag on them and riding to other neighborhoods to go exploring. Once I went to college in '96 I pretty much lost my interest in bikes and instead replaced it with girls, weights, running, the career search and other university-esque hobbies. Then three years ago I purchased a Cannondale hybrid and my then girlfriend also bought a hybrid so that we could exercise together in an enjoyable marrer and also just to cruise around NYC. We really enjoyed it.

Then early last year I picked up a beat up Peugeot U08 and decided to fix it up and ride it. At the time I did not realize that the frame was way too small for me but it was a great introduction to C&V. My now wife was pregnant with our daughter and I was looking for a I was always attracted to older things and the art of restoring them since my dad used to collect and restore American Motors automobiles and we fixed HO model trains and build old car and plane models together. I stripped the U08 completely and built it back up from scratch down to paint and decals. I LOVED the feeling of accomplishment and I much preferred the aesthetic of the components, the steel frame and the lugs to the look of modern bikes. I was hooked. On top of that it was French and I am a true Francophile. My maiden project has since moved on to an appreciative friend.

I am now 37 and we are a C&V family. I do still have my hybrid though for inclement weather. Many C&V bikes have passed through my hands and have been given to friends and family. Now they are all proud C&V riders. Others bikes have been worked on and sold to help me learn and fund my hobby a bit. I also have a stable of beautiful bikes that I love to ride and projects lined up for the winter.

Thank you to all of you experienced C&Vers who help me cultivate this wonderful pastime.

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