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@RobbieTunes - +1

When I say they have "dead eyes" I am referring to those who have, perhaps partied too hard, drugs/alcohol, etc. and "hard living" has tarnished their authentic, genuine selves and who are "lost". Those who have lost curiosity and the ability to see life through fresh perspective. In other words, they have lost their "joie de vivre". It can happen to people at any age. It's when you look into someone's eyes and no one is home.

Anyway, the bicycle I rode all through junior high, high school, and early college was a 1976 (I think) Schwinn Le Tour, which was new when I received it (bought it from my older sister). I don't recall having any bicycle tools, skills or knowledge. Didn't know anything about saddle height, fore/aft adjustment, tire pressure....I guess my body just adapted and that bike was my freedom, my transportation. Of course, it wasn't vintage at the time, but I think the love of that bike set the stage for future appreciation of C & V.
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