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Originally Posted by mobile_simon View Post
I really, really, really don't like the design of this thing! It isn't waterproof like it says on the front of it. I even had the rain cover on it, still the front pouch filled with water. It has a liner on the inside that's supposed to be waterproof but I don't trust it either, all it does is add bulk to an already heavy bag. I keep my camera and other valuables in it so I'd like them to be protected. I have to use grocery bags over it to keep it dry.

I have been looking at the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 M plus. It seems to have a better design but I don't 100% trust it will stand up to a heavy rainfall. It is also pricey.

Why doesn't anyone make a simple, lightweight handlebar bag? And use a vinyl material like they use on drybags. I have never been a fan of raincovers.

I think the Carradice CarraDry is closest to the perfect design. I have never seen the brand sold locally though.

Any thoughts or experiences?

Arkel is Sewn together and Un avoidably, sewing makes Holes ..

there was the Ortlieb Roll closed bag in the past. 3 or 4 "ultimates" Ago

but still isnt immersion waterproof, because of how bag & frame for the bag are Joined.

I have used a Klick Fix Bag support frame and anpther Ortlieb Product , a camera Bag to assemble something More water proof.

Though.. As Rain, t tends to come down from the clouds, the lid of Ortliebs Bar Bags is quite adequate..

The Ortlieb "Classic" Material Is the PVC tarp material Used in Dry bags , Ortlieb makes Dry Bags Too

the Plus is a Cordura with a Heavy coating the welding process makes that Coating Melt enough to bond all the parts together .

The Densely woven Canvas Carradice gets is quite water resistant by the way wet cotton swells
Plus you have the Option of applying a Waxy Proofing the cotton will absorb ..

The canvas stuff is Popular enough to have wholesale Imports from England ..

the Carra Dry You would probably have to get from an English retail seller

Online.. the company Now sells retail and ships internationally too ..

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