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I have only seen the Large Arkel in stores and in my hands. At 10l its bigger than the 7l Ortlieb Med bag, almost double the weight (which explains my shock at picking it up and thinking that empty it felt almost as heavy as my Ortlieb with stuff in it)

Arkel large 10 litres 1340g
Orlieb med Plus model 7 litres, 740g
Arkel small 7.5litres, 950g (but appears that weight includes the map case, which is attached to bag)

the Ortlieb map case has the reputation of being the best out there for being very waterproof, mine has proven this pretty much after a very long ride in the rain, maybe 6+ hours. I do like how it is a good size map case also. I do realize perhaps a map case is less of a priority for folks nowadays, but I still really like having a paper map in front of me.

Simon, it sounds like you should just sell it and get something else if you really dont like the design. Arkel really does have a good rep for quality construction so I imagine it wouild be easy to sell at a good price. You really dont sound happy with it.

ps, just saw that the optional rain cover for it ($25 Can.) would take care of wet issues of the front and side pockets, and as the map cover is included, with the ortliebs you have to buy the map cover seperately, so perhaps it evens out price wise between the two brands.

In the end though for me, I like not having to ever think about waterproofness, and accept the things I aint crazy about.

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