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That bike looks like it is in excellent condition for a 30 year old bike. Although, if it hasn't been recently tuned, it would be due for a comprehensive tuneup. Can you do it yourself?

In my opinion, any road bike that is fully functional, and is not a Schwinn Varsity or a Huffy is worth at least $200. But there is a lot of compression of bikes in the $200 to $400 range, then a bit of a jump to some superb bikes worth $700 or $800, and another jump for those worth in excess of a grand.

However, the Trek 1000 was a low to mid range bike for Trek. As a bonus, I believe it was made in the USA. And, unlike the Vitus bikes, it has a welded aluminum frame, and should be a solid bike.

It depends a bit on what your goal is, but it should be a decent entry level road bike/commuter.

Of course, there are a lot of changes and innovations that have happened since 1987. Handlebar stems have changed, but the quills are fully functional.

Perhaps the two biggest things you are missing are "Brifters", and a rear cassette. But the technology in that bike is well proven technology, and for the most part, still in use today.

If you're hoping for a classic show bike, perhaps you could hold out for a Trek 2000 or better.

If you want a good every day bike, then this one would be a good model.

$200 to $250 wouldn't be a bad price for the bike as in the ad.
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