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Originally Posted by USAZorro View Post

a full on drive-side picture, and closer pictures of the head and seat lugs would be helpful, as would the serial number.

From what I recently recall, Clubmans and RRA's have chrome socks on the forks and stays. One point made to me is the RRA usually has the cable guide on the seat tube (not under tt). That would make this an even better find. And the lugs on the Clubman are the type you have here, the same as mine. I don't think the Lentons had that type, but RRA may have. Basically an RRA is a custom order version of the Clubman and could take 6 months to a year to obtain. You could choose to have things added or subtracted and moved around. The slots in the dropout support the 50's, maybe older, not sure on that part but newer has a triangle there.

Both seem quite difficult to find and I think are chromoly.

Paging @rhm

edit: I would not do anything but do a complete overhaul and cleanup first, then decide if you want to paint, you may like the outcome and more value is retained IMO.

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