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Originally Posted by BigChief View Post
Just a personal opinion here, but I believe that the condition of a bike can deteriorate to a point where a well researched and executed restoration is preferable to preservation. True, the expense of a quality restoration usually exceeds the value of the finished product, but to me, they are a joy to see if done well.
I totally agree! I only agree with full restorations if the bike is in terrible condition to start with. And I agree that a restoration on a bike like this must be well researched and done to a very high standard. But to be honest the bikes that I like to have in my collection have to be in very good original condition. I do like well executed restorations but I cannot justify the time and cost it would take on a bike that im not even going to ride! So I will probably end up taking a few rare bits off this like the rims and cranks then selling the rest off. Then hopefully one day i'll find a better condition example that I can keep.
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