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If yuo really love that particular bike, and it fits you perfectly, buy it. if not, sit back and watch the ads. For $250 you can get a lot of bike if you are patient.

Also, if you are willing to spend $250, you should be looking at bikes listing for $300 or maybe $350.

Seriously, go looka t a $300 bike with five $50 bills, and if the guy wont budge, pull out your wallet and pull out like $27.50 is fives and ones and quarters, and say, "Cash, dude----this cash could be in your pocket ,.... or it could go back in mine,. I am ready to buy the bike Right Now, if you want to sell it." Cash money speaks pretty loudly.

On the other hand, as Retro Grouch says, a year from now you won't know or care how much you paid for it, if it is a good bike. If you Seriously Have to Have the bike, tell the guy you need to run to the ATM, drive around the block, and hand him two more twenties. After all, all he gets is paper, but you get a bike.
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