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Officially spring has sprung.
I did when I competed in triathlons in the mid 80's to early 90s. And now that I'm training again and plan to compete in some this year I'll do it again. I'd shave the night before my first race of the season then once a week to keep it manageable. Then the night before every race.
They say it's more aerodynamic, helps when you get road rash, shows more definition in your legs, facilitates post race massages and gives you a better feel for the water when swimming. But honestly I do it for the psychological affect. It means my training is going well and I'm ready to race You just feel faster. If I never did race I'd probably still do it because it helps identify me as a cyclist, shows off my legs, and most of all, it feels cooler. I say go for it. Can't knock it til you try it.

Tips: Use shaving cream, have at least 2 or more brand new shavers handy, start at the feet, and shave upward. I use Bic disposable with the pastel color handles. You may need more than 2 if you're really hairy. Oh and take your time especially around the ankles. You can expect an hour the first time then less than that if you shave weekly. Good luck.

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