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Originally Posted by Biker395 View Post
^ lol

I don't. I already shave the noggin and that's enough for me.

I have other reasons too. Whenever my family complains about my incessant cycling, I threaten them:

"Keep it up and I'll start shaving my legs. Explain that one to your friends."

I want to keep that one in my back pocket.
I shave the noggin, too.

Wife wasn't embarrassed by this comparatively mild eccentricity and appeared to buy the excuses. She just objected to the 400-grit Emery cloth feel of five-day shadow in bed. These days, however, she's worried about my wild eyebrows and keeps licking her finger and pasting them down. Daughter might have been slightly embarrassed if I'd done it when she was an adolescent, but probably not, given her delight in painting my toenails.

Hell, I swam with guys who shaved all visible parts for speed--talk about tribal rituals. That one's been debunked, too.

Road rash is unpleasant with or without hair, in my experience.
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