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Originally Posted by morgothaod View Post
I really want to spend no more than $150. The bike shop near me doesn't have new bikes for that price...
Unfortunately, $150 doesn't buy you a whole lot of new bike. At that price, you'll be looking at department store models, which are typically built from lower-quality, heavier components than the bikes you'll find in a bike shop. I realize you're not looking for top of the line, but it would sure be nice to have a bike that stays in adjustment and brakes well.

On the other hand, $150 can buy you a good used bike. The catch is that you need to figure out what a "good used bike" is. You can get a great bike at a bargain, or you can overpay for a lemon. If your local bike shop sells inspected and adjusted used bikes in your price range, it could be a good option for you. They could also help you find a bike that fits well, which is WAY more important than most novice cyclists might realize. A poorly fitting bike won't be much fun to ride and could be uncomfortable enough to make you think cycling might not be for you.
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