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Front fender optons

Looking for some kind of fender option for my road bike. I generally don't ride the road bike on wet trails but my wife and I usually take one 3-4 day trip a month. Usually with a forecast of really wet weather we make other plans, however occasionally the forecast may be for a chance of scattered showers.

I'm not interested in doing full fenders since I rarely ride the bike in the rain (have a hybrid with full fenders for that) however something super quick and easy mount and remove for the front wheel would be nice for the trips with a chance of rain. I have a rear rack that does a decent job as a rear fender so I'm just looking for something quick and easy for the front wheel

Probably the most appealing option for me would be a down tube fender. I realize that they don't work great, but I'm mainly looking for something that takes a minute or so to install and works better than nothing. Would rather not permanately leave full fenders on since it's a fair weather bike and installing and removing them as need dictates although not that big a deal is just enough of a PIA that I generally don't bother with it.

Any recommendations something that would work?
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