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Almost bedtime here in SoCal, so I'm going to post what I have completed of the translation and let you enjoy that when your day starts! Note I've only done the non-article stuff. That will come next. In the meantime, enjoy the following:

Data Sheet
Brand: Bianchi spa • Reparto Corsa • Cascine Battaglie, 5 • 24047 Treviglio •
Tel. 0363/41444
Model: Caurus Proto
Launch date: 1989 Milan Trade Show
Color: black/neon green, black/celeste Bianchi, black/pearl coral, green/pearl violet, fuchsia/violet
Available sizes: from 49 to 63 cm (cc) or custom
List price: Lire 3.230.000

Technical Details
Tubing: Columbus Max in nivacrom steel
Conjunctions: seat tube juncture and fork crown Columbus, the others are made with Tig welding, joined head to head
Group: Campagnolo Record with Delta brakes
Saddle: Selle Italia Turbo
Handlebar: 3t Super Competizione, stem 3t 84
Freewheel/Cassette: Regina America superleggera
Chain: Sedis Sport
Rims: Campagnolo Sigma Pavé Hardox
Spokes: Alpina
Tires: Vittoria Corsa Cx Squadre Prof tubulars

BS Ratings:
The Bianchi Caurus represents an esthetic elaboration of the Proto model. It is a proven and special high-performance bicycle.

The welding is workmanlike. The model is elegant in its lines and volumes. New are the colors and approach.

The proven geometry of the Caurus results in a perfect fit and does not need those annoying adjustments.

Very balanced in power transfer, making it particularly efficient on medium climbs.

You must move your body weight back to lighten the front end. In doing so, you won’t notice any loss of traction.

In out of the saddle attacks you will particularly appreciate the short rear triangle and the relative rigidity of this type of tubing.

The bike shows its best on a smooth road. The road bumps are not absorbed by the frame.

Small problem in adjusting the brake shoes and in setting up the rear derailleur. Great were the true wheels and the gluing of the tubulars in the heat.

Note that the voting expresses our vote relative to the Technical Details of the tested product.

Photo Captions:

The seat tube junction is the only lug utilized in the Bianchi Caurus Proto, whose tubes are Tig welded. Above, the Caurus model in its original colorway.

In the photos on this page you can see some of the important details of the Caurus: the bottom bracket shell, the heat tube junction and the internally routed rear derailleur cable.

A view of the handlebar, with its round curve, from the rider’s point of view. Below, the “motor” of the Caurus. In the upper right, the elegant line of the fork with its teardrop shaped dropouts
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