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Welcome to the forums. A frame built with Japanese Tange Prestige tubing and French Bocoma fittings would be unusual. However, it appears the previous owner has added a lot of decals/stickers, so the Prestige tubing sticker may not be OEM. Regardless, the Superbe Pro dropouts are indicative of a higher grade frame. The bicycle appears to be outfitted with primarily 1987-1989 Shimano New 105 but this may be from a donor bicycle due to the Superbe Pro dropouts and lack of pump pegs and 2nd set of bottle bosses which were standard on higher end frames by this period. Also, fully chromed frames were rare by this period and most of the major manufacturer's had lugs, stay caps and/or fork crowns embossed with their identification. Still, the presence of Superbe Pro dropouts indicates it is no older than 1981.

There a number of things I would do in an attempt to identify it:

1. Locate the serial number which may provide clues to the manufacturer and year.
2. Remove the fork and check the steerer tube for a tubing manufacturer's logo and date code.
3. Determine the diameter of the seat post, which may allow us to determine the tubest, in conjunction with the logo from the steerer.
4. Check and report the stampings on the bottom bracket cups, which will allow us to determine the threading standard used on the frame.
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