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Originally Posted by tims808 View Post
Nothing written on fork tube anywhere. Its a bit of a strange one
If this was built with Tange, I would have expected their logo and a date code. The same if it was Ishiwata. Columbus has their dove and Reynolds have their stamp but it is near the bottom of the steerer though this sometimes gets cut off, if the required steerer length is very short. Unless the seat tube is a bit distorted, a 27.0 mm inner diameter is a bit smaller than what I would expect for a top end tubeset, including Tange Prestige, which would typically be 27.2mm or 27.4mm. A Prestige steerer tube would also have six ridges on the inside, at the bottom. It's sounding like the Prestige decal is an addition, like the others. Regardless, even at 27.0mm it is a higher end tubeset, even if we can't identify the manufacturer.

The mix of English threading, SunTour dropouts and BCM fittings, in conjunction with no embossing or serial number typically indicates a very small manufacturer, possibly USA. The extensive chroming suggests a possible show bicycle but if this was from one of the nmae custom builders, I would still expect to find a serial number. Sorry, I can't be of much help, other than to say that is no older than 1981, is probably no newer than circa 1985 and is built with a good grade tubes.

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