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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
Dude, that is a test with two wildly dissimilar bikes on pavement. And good canti brakes can lock a front wheel too ... particularly depending on the terrain.

That is the thing with MTB brakes---they need to work on gravel, packed earth, sand, roots and rocks, wet leaves, every kind of ground cover ... so max braking is nothing like road bikes, which are on the road (and roads can vary a lot but ... ) The brakes on my Cannondale are amazing .... The brakes on my old Univega were amazing too. but so much depends on what you are riding on .... generally it is a low-traction surface so knobs make a huge difference (aggressive knobs? Low pressure? less aggressive knobs?) and tire pressure .... which can change for each ride, sometimes (I tried high pressure and aggressive knobs on Utah slickrock .... hmmmm.)

I am sure a 200 mm rotor stops harder than a 160 ... but again, it is about usable traction, which depends on more than the rotor size or even brake type.

I am not all-knowing, but as far as i do know, offroaders adopted discs because rim brakes are more likely to fail or at least hesitate when wet, and also rims wear really badly when riding in mud and grit using rim brakes.

I want to say Avid hydraulics .. but ai am too lazy to walk into the other room to look. I know they are 160 mm rotors. Maybe I should upgrade, ...
It's hard to explain in words but without proper braking technique you won't make use of high end hydraulic braking. Provided terrain and tires are reasonable technique will matter a lot.
Never seen a rim bike lock the front wheel when going 15mph, and trust me I've ridden with quite a few people. I've seen this happen multiple times when riding, usually people panic and go over the handlebars. In fact in road cycling I've been told you should NOT be able to lock out your front wheels unless you love shattering collar bones.

If you notice the guy kept a lot of his weight forward instead of back, and that was not a high end MTB. He could of stopped way sooner if he was in a braking position before he grabbed a handful.

There's a reason I have mechanical disk brakes on my MTB, and it's because I am not yet skilled enough to be using monstrous hydraulic brakes.
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