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Originally Posted by alan s View Post
WP, Jr., following in the old man's tire tracks. Nice!
Originally Posted by noglider View Post
You can't plan their behavior when they get to that age. My kids are 27 and 24. You can give them friendly advice, and that's about it. They'll take some and leave the rest.

If he does agree to going on the path with you, maybe, just maybe, you can show him the secret joy if you offer a detour…
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…Back in the 60’s in the Motor City, I had an "English Racer," and longed to tour at about age 14, but then joined the car culture. In Ann Arbor MI in the 70’s I really realized the utility of bicycles for commuting
Dittoes to all the above, @wph. My now-28 year old son was only perfunctorily interested in cycling, and was learning to drive at age 14. When he went to Ann Arbor (U of Michigan) for college in 2007 we bought him a used Schwinn road bike and he used it much while there, and for getting around Boston after he graduated (currently borrowing our car frequently). That bikeshop owner still remembers me as we diligently searched for the best (used) bike.

I once took him on a 25-mile charity ride as an adolescent, and it rained. He admitted it was a nice ride, even though it "sucked." As a post adolescent, our only long (~20 mile) ride together was about five years ago. It was congenial, and he rode faster than me, though I complained he didn’t give me a chance to warm up, and he complained his derailleur wasn’t working right.

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