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Originally Posted by byrd48 View Post
Thanks, I used the frame tool because I felt like it would be easier to spread both sides evenly. It seems that the elastic point is beyond the point the tool can move the forks. I certainly could slide pipes over the blades, but how do you keep them aligned to center?
No pipes, no tools, unless you have the strength of a 5 year old, you can do this with your bare hands. If you have a vise, that'll help, but it's not needed.

Take an axle and bolt it to one dropout so it just reaches the opposite side, and that's your gauge. Now brace up the fork however you can, or I prefer to carefully brace the fork on the floor and stand one foot on it and grab the upper blade near then end and gently lift. Be careful here, you're stronger than you think, so when you first feel the fork give, STOP. Your reflexes are probably about 1/8" movement slow which is perfect.

When you do this think back to your childhood and breaking turkey wishbones. As you probably learned back then the one holding it farthest out wins. Same with the fork. Stand half way up the blade, and pull the moving one from the end.

Once you've moved one side half the distance. Reset the gauge and move the other.

BTW I forgot to mention, if working on the floor, it's easier to set the gauge in the upper blade, so the other can lay flat on the floor.

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