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Originally Posted by j.b.715 View Post
I am a beginner and I want to learn how to do tricks on a bmx. I bought a Dk axion 20" BMX bike. Is it any good? It information says its 33 pounds, thats prettg much it. Also before I do tricks, my dad In courage me to know how to stand up and pedal before I do tricks, can you tell me any tips at all to do it?

Thank you!
well DK bicycles are good, I ride the team V3 frame for freestyle, dirt jumping, and bmx track,
the thing is, what you got is isnt exactly a real DK... well it is but its not up to the same quality of say, the nicer ones It'll work for you dont get me wrong, but I would seriously recomend changing out your cranks to some cheap 3 peice cranks like Sunday Saker cranks. If i had to guess, I'd say the bike probably weighs somewhere in the range of 28 pound. Ride it until you start looping out allot and then when you are looping out over even small stuff i'd say get a new bike thing is about bmx bikes, the top tube length changes depending on your height, and bikes like that one, which arnt "real" bmx bikes only get made in one size, their super entry level, if you follow me. so like I said, ride it until you start having problems, and then get something nicer thats better fitted to you. if you wanna do freestyle, a DK Cyngus or DK Helio would be on the money for you. If you wanna race I'd say go for a dk race bike

as for where to start. find your local bmx track, your best way of learning is from others in person, and the best way to find bmxers is at the bmx track, trails, and bike parks. BUT since your a newbie, I'd start at the track, and that'll give you a good place to start on your basic skills, before you start trying 360 flare whips

as for standing up and pedaling, you just gotta force yourself to do it... the more you do it, the easier it gets, some of it depends on how tall you are vs the bike. ive no idea how tall you are, or how old you are, or strong you are in the legs, and arms, so the best thing i can say is just keep trying to stand up, dont even let your rear hit the seat, infact, if your having a really hard time getting it, take the seat, and seatpost off the bike, until you master standing up(you do need the seat and post in the bike to do some tricks, this is strictly for learning purposes to get you used to standing up)
as always wear safety equipment, and for the track get yourself a full face helmet. also, make sure your wearing the right kinda shoes... Van's Sk8hi's, Osiris shoes, DC skate shoes, converse chuck taylors? any of those will work well!

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