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Bikes: Giant Defy Advanced 3, Giant Expressway II

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....and then....

2016 - Giant Expressway II folder to go in the airplane. I've seen this frame under a number of badges with different accessories. "Out the box" it does as a get about the airport and local town type bike. I have to say though - I did re-gear it, fit a taller sea post, carbon saddle, clip on pedals and a set of drop handlebars. More to have something that approximated my road bike fit so I could use it to also stay fit.

The folder is a 7 gear cassette. Not much room to play with it. Best I could do was put on a massive chain gear which I got from a BMX shop online. When I get the folder in the same 80/140 zone as my carbon bike it runs about 18 mph. If I am prepared to up the cadence to about 90 I can get it to about 21 mph but much past that and I'm right up there in the Sufferfest score.

Front post flexes all over the place as you pull up a hill. The drive gear is also not as stiff. You have to be careful with the gear change or the energy of it flying across the cassette will throw the chain off the chain ring at the front. I've got a small block to stop it falling down inside. A hook like the MTB folks use to prevent it flying outboard is on order from my nephew who will machine me something up.

The actual "ride" - well I also put better Continental 20" road tires on it and that has helped. It's comfortable enough. I've done some 20 milers on the folder and it doesn't hurt. But you know you wasted a lot of energy somewhere in the frame! It's a good workout! The local bike shop evening ride didn't laugh me out of court when I showed up on it one night to see how it did when out in a group. Let's just say I had to work far too hard to keep up - but did. Just.

But for a folder in the plane to go exploring - it's perfect and quite the thing. With my mods, spares in the saddle pouch, lights and cadence and speed sensors the whole thing is 21 lbs.

It will get smaller again if I release the drop handlebars and fold them against everything - but like this it goes in the plane fine.
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