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Originally Posted by Diode100 View Post
No one over the age of 14 looks cool on a skateboard, nowhere, never, ever.
hate to say it but it's pretty prevalent now in the bigger cities in the US and some bloggers (casey neistat) are pretty much using these in their vlogs. all they need to do is get the word out, pretty much how trends flush out these days. Boosted boards apparently can't even keep up with their production from the demands these days and wait times are like waiting for a brompton custom build.

also they are longboards, not skateboards. skateboards are the ones that get the mostly negative stigma as you grind on city property and wreck things with that outlaw image.

Longboards are mostly for high speed and general cruising there's some older crowds using them here.

just stating what I see out there, for companies to ignore trends can usually be pretty detrimental to their future business.

not sure what everyone thinks of this but it looks pretty dang fun!:

also note everyone there doesn't look like 14 and they're marketing it as a way for people to commute on, nothing to do with skateboard parks.

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