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Originally Posted by Azreal911 View Post
Longboards are mostly for high speed and general cruising there's some older crowds using them here.

just stating what I see out there, for companies to ignore trends can usually be pretty detrimental to their future business.

not sure what everyone thinks of this but it looks pretty dang fun!:

also note everyone there doesn't look like 14 and they're marketing it as a way for people to commute on, nothing to do with skateboard parks.
I am not sure how the 'boost' is applied to the wheels, but longboards the ordinary kind, are incredibly popular in Portland's metro area. Scad's of young men (I've never seen one older than ~30) and quite a few young women are using them. I don't care how primo the pavement, however, there is no way a 2" in diameter urethane wheel is going to compete for ride quality with even a 16" Brompton wheel!!! Skateboards are SLOW. Period. Slow and inefficient and.... ... I don't know... you sound a little wistful... a little awed even by that video. Don't be. It's staged. 1 in 10,000 riders get to that level of talent as to stay on a longboard for even a 1/2 mile at a time. A 3mi. commute would be torture. A 10mi. maybe the limit... round trip! I'm not at all, not in the slightest feeling like I am missing anything. A panic stop on one of those things is an exercise in faith. Skateboards are for stunting in skateparks. Cruising, commuting, anything longer than 1/2 mile needs a kick-scooter at the very bare minimum.
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