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Bikes: A green one, "Ragleigh," or something.

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Back on topic, here's my own first retro roadie build: 1989 Trek 400 with mostly 600 TriColor bits. Yes, an ancient, crusty old frame with those modern STI shifty parts, gosh, probably at least five, six years newer than the frame!

As my first powder coated frame, I asked the guy I took it to if he could make sure the lugs and details weren't too buried in powder. He said, "Sure." I think he did ok on that.

600 TriColor bits (mostly) all around.

But not the "swanlike" stem,

Or the crank, as I wanted a 110bcd to make my first ever compact double. Newish 50/36 rings on 30+ year old crank arms. (Yes, I am getting old, and I have hills to climb). The SX cranks were in terrible shape when i found them, pitted, white and fuzzy with oxidation when I pulled them off a very rusty early-80s MTB. Wetsanding them down to 600 grit gave them a pretty nice satiny luster that I'm going to try to duplicate on the seatpost, if I don't end up going black there. (Your input on that point is welcome)

One of my most photogenic Brooks saddles, and a pleasure to straddle. Team Pro. Nice hunk o' cowhide.

Riding impressions: the bike is not real light (24.6 as shown) but very stiff and responsive. My first TrueTemper frame and one that's just a little smaller/tighter than I usually ride, so that's probably part of it. Looking forward to some longer rides than the few quick sprints I've done so far shaking this down. Pretty OK going up hills, so far.

Grab-bag of pieces and parts sourced at bargain prices from the following C&Vers: thanks for your help, guys!

Trek 400 frame/fork from @Insidious C.
Wheelset and TriColor RD from @Bradleykd
Brooks Team Pro @Desertdweller

I have a 600 Headset not put on yet, but probably will
Still looking for a TriColor FD with 28.6 clamp

Oh yeah, frame "as found":

● 1971 Grandis SL ● 1972 Lambert Grand Prix frankenbike ● 1972 Raleigh Super Course fixie ● 1973 Nishiki Semi-Pro ● 1979 Motobecane Grand Jubile ●1980 Apollo "Legnano" ● 1984 Peugeot Vagabond ● 1985 Shogun Prairie Breaker ● 1986 Merckx Super Corsa ● 1987 Schwinn Tempo ● 1988 Schwinn Voyageur ● 1989 Bottechia Team ADR replica ● 1990 Cannondale ST600 ● 1993 Technium RT600 ● 1996 Kona Lava Dome ●

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