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Originally Posted by RiddleOfSteel View Post
Very nice color coordination on the Boss Ross--with browns it's so hard. It also has good presence and stance. The before image of its original condition is remarkable--it survived virtually unscathed all these years. And as much of a drop bar guy as I am (especially with racier geometry), rocking an upright riding position on a classy and classic steel ride is not only really comfortable (set up correctly, of course..) but really enjoyable. I built one up for a friend and have another for my brother mid-build. On the first one, I smiled pretty much the whole 3.7 mile test ride. I am a fan of the Arabesque parts--they glisten in the sunlight and I have found they work well, too.

Yeah, it really was in good shape when I got it. The decision to convert it was not taken lightly, but I just can't ride comfortably in drops anymore. Too many injuries from motorcycle racing. That handlebar/stem/grip setup is so nice I am using it on several other bikes now.

Oh, and the Arabesque group? Yeah, I know what you mean. Gorgeous! I recently bought another set off eBay just to have it ready for the next nice frame that comes my way. I like to buy second-or-third tier bikes and frames because they can be had so much cheaper than the premium stuff. And I'm giving up what? A couple of pounds weight and components that are merely excellent, but not perfect? Suits my riding style just fine, and I'm able to enjoy many more of them on my small budget.

Next up in the project queue: Peugeot Versailles - similar conversion to the Ross, and a Raysport Grand Turismo (531 frame, fancy chrome lugs) that is being built into an English-style light roadster with Sturmey-Archer 5-speed drivetrain, V.O. fenders, Soma racks, and Ostrich bags.

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