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I did another big ride on my Ti Swift this past weekend, the Audax Alpine CLassic ACE250 (E for Extreme, 250km, 4,500m climbing). While not the longest in distance or time, certainly the hardest.

* Took a total of about 14h40m
* 12h30 riding time

* I was slowish, not so well trained up as I should have been. I saw some tough-as-old-boots old men riding away from me, as well as some younger women.

* Not so the Ti Swift. It is fast. I have often noticed in the past month while doing other training rides for this event, that my Ti Swift tends to roll just as fast or faster than roadies, I either had to often feather the brakes or simply go wide and roll past.

* I didn't see any other type of bike beside roadies. No other small-wheelers. No MTBs. Due to this I carried a foldable spare tyre besides other emergency stuff. I don't think many others carried a spare tyre.

* I decided to be bold and wore normal shorts and seamless boxers - no cycling knicks, not even underneath. I have not used any of my knicks for a long time. After 14h40m of riding I was quite OK. I often stood up off the saddle to ensure blood flow. The necessity for this was normally indicated by some soreness. But other than that the Brooks Swift worked its magic by being more or less "absent."

Here I am cresting Australia's highest (but not necessarily hardest) climb, just after sunrise, having departed at 4am:

Not sure why it looks like I have a white beard. I have a modest growth, white alright, but not an Antarctic bush.
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