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I tried 'em all, every popular app, between late 2015 and summer/fall 2016 before settling on two: the paid version of Cyclemeter (iPhone only) and the freebie version of Strava.

The paid version of Cyclemeter was good enough for my purposes -- the main reason I paid for it was because I'd enjoyed using the free version for several months, and it did almost everything I wanted except: auto-pause (the paid version enables auto-pause); option to obscure precise starting/stopping point - in case you don't want to share maps that trace back to your home via social media (Strava already has this option). I emailed Cyclemeter about that privacy feature. They replied quickly and said they'd pass that along to the programmers as a feature request.

But I also use Strava because it's so popular and I enjoy seeing what my friends and fellow cyclists are doing locally. I'm not competitive and don't really care about KOMs, but it is interesting to see some feedback on personal bests for certain familiar routes. It's useful objective feedback because I've noticed that on days when I feel faster than usual, I'm not necessary faster; and days when I feel sluggish I'm actually riding faster than I realized. But my overall average has gone from only 12 mph to just shy of 14 mph over the past year, so I'm unlikely to every break any records. I just regard the data as a useful marker to balance out my personal impressions of how I'm doing.

I used Wahoo Fitness, a complete freebie, and enjoyed it. Simple, fast, very basic, with auto-pause/restart. But it was too limited and couldn't show or share the data I wanted with other apps. It's a good freebie for folks who just want something very basic, simple and fast for an older iPhone.

I tried Map My Ride, Ride With GPS and others but they didn't seem intuitive or show me the info I wanted. But I know other riders who use and enjoy them.
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