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Originally Posted by 99Klein View Post
Wheels are in fact a consumable. Maybe not disk brake wheels, but rim brake wheels do wear out. That is why aluminum wheels have a wear indicator in the brake track, so you know when they need replaced.

I would not ride these wheels if I thought they would fail any sooner than any other wheel. In fact, I hope they don’t fail at all, but last long enough to wear out. I've broken or cracked many aluminums rims, broken countless spokes, and worn out hubs. If you think you can purchase a wheel at ANY price, that will last you a lifetime, you are incorrect. Like ALL my wheels, after every ride, I check thoroughly for trueness, cracks, flex, play in bearings/hub…

Don’t get me wrong, I took a lot to get me to purchase a set of cheap carbons, but I have a pretty darn heavy friend (and I’m 220 in the winter) who put 3000 miles on his, on our rough roads, with zero problems. For the first 1000 miles (the millage I get out of MOST wheels before a failure of some sort) I was VERY nervous (railroad tracks at speed in particular,) but they have been rock solid.

If these last 5000+ miles before the brake track wears out, that’s a pair every year. Maybe they will last longer, I have no way of knowing yet. I do know that they go through brake pads much quicker than any aluminum wheel I’ve ever owned.
I understand that. I never said that I would expect ANY wheel to last a life time. I was under the impression that when you stated the wheels were cheap enough that you could buy a set every year, that if they did fail, it would be no real expense to just buy another set. My point is that I would invest in a wheel set that would last longer than a year, and not take the chance that one would fail within a years time, knowing that the cost would be so little I could afford to buy another within that years time. Perhaps I did misunderstand your statement.
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