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Well, no one is much interested in the Marrakesh with a trailer option, apparently! Still no picks of ol' Mr Yummie on the trailer though! He absolutely detests going down the road in his kennel in the back of that thing. LOL! He's a great yak buddy, but not so into bikes.

I wanted to update this thread, however, with some observations after a few thousand miles on the Salsa Marrakesh, several hundred with my trailer hitch and trailer.

First: the bike is really a solid thing. In fact, it's absurdly heavy. I can do the 30 miles to Portland a few times a week, and have done the 60-mile round trip a few times, now. The stock tires are crap on HWY 30 ("dirty thirty"), and well ready to be replaced. Honestly, even with Mr Tuffies installed, I have had more flats than I've ever had on this bike. Fault of the vicious debris on 30, I'm sure.

Towing the trailer, however, is a nightmare. I can't make it more than 15 miles before mylegs start cramping. Admittedly, when trailering, I'm pulling weight, ie. 30-50 pounds additional. My conclusion is that the very low position of the rear axle is not an ideal spot, from an engineering POV, to afix a trailer. I am now, after much scoffing, intrigued by the Travoy style set up. I feel weight on the seat post pulling DOWN will be better than weight on the low, low axle pulling BACK and DOWN.

With a lot of back weight the Salsa becomes less sure tracking up front. I imagine this could be balanced with front bags for touring, but I don't like 'em, preferring Back Ortliebs and super light camp gear. If I need something, there's always a Walmart out there!

Finally, my next adventure bike (this one is just a sexy tool for going along trails and the road with a little weight) is going to be a Brompton folder with trailer/case AND a Sea Eagle Expedition (the 10 footer) IK. My plan is to yak along waterways, portaging by Brompton, then yakking along. The bike case should fit nicely aft of the seat in the boat.

After scanning the forums, there are a couple about bike-yak adventures, which surprises me. I would've thought many many folks had done this. The more informative posts date back a decade, and there are the same two folks pushing the alpaca kayak, which ALWAYS links to a dead link, LOL. Honestly, the Sea Eagles for the money are the best IK floating. 28 pounds for a rather rigid when inflated kayak capable of handling surf, heavy water, and whitewater is a no-brainer if you want to combine these two things. The boat becomes an unobtrusive afterthought if you've chosen the right light camp gear, IMHO.

My goal is to tour Oregon, first (i have Alpine mountains, thundering coast, mighty rivers, Crater Lake and deserts ALL within a few days of each other. By bike!), then head across other states. But my ultimate goal is to explore the pilgrim routes and waterways of Europe (especially the Mediterranean region of S France).

Has anyone done this who would care to comment? I'd appreciate any and all thoughts, just please: no dead links to alpaka rafts, good lord! LOL!

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