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Originally Posted by DanBell View Post
This is awesome. I've actually had the same dream of combining a sea eagle with a folding bike and trying to do a combined road/waterway tour. It's a far off dream though, as both the bike and the boat are big investments.
The yak is just a bizarre dream I've had for a while, a real Lewis and Clark sort of thing. I came to the idea of touring bikes expressly to haul a kayak for portaging a cross-country water voyage.

In researching this, like you must have if you've dreamed about it, I'm shocked at the absolute dearth of people who've tried this. I'm not sure if the above comment about originality of the idea was serious or not, but no one has really done this. There's a guy and a buddy on youtube a while back who took a Sea Eagle 330 (not very rugged, but a step up from a toy raft) in his bike trailer in Europe. A couple of neat kids from the UK are on youtube having ridden their Bromptons to the far north of Scotland then paddled their 6 foot inflatable dingys to a super remote lighthouse island just because it was there. Other than that, nada. Really?

The bike costs two grand, the boat 1k. How much does a family vacation to DisneyLand cost? To me the means to do a massive bike-yak adventure is not too much, so much as having the time free to pull it off. My plans have become modified extremely due to the education I've given myself on a variety of issues pertaining to such a voyage, and now I'm eyeballing combos like the RazorLite (33 pounds folded, 24"x16"x12") and the Brompton M6. My dream set-up would result in a carry-on and a check-in, on a flight. That's it. I pity the videos I see of people hauling so much **** with them on their adventures. I'm choosing to take less, spend more on what I do take to get light and excellent, and to not bother with things like schedules, time-lines, itineraries. My years traveling about, by air, car, and now, bike, and, hopefully, kayak, have taught me that over-prepping and -planning, adherence to schedules, and carrying too much just results in wasted money, missed opportunities for fun, and disappointed expectations. I never want to run into that 25 year-old version of me shlepping around his gear on buses and airports in Western Europe again! My subsequent trips have all been increasingly more minimalist. My last road trip (16,000 miles clockwise around the US, including Canada) in the Fall of 2015 had no itinerary, scheduled destinations, or time-frame. Three months, 28 States, and three Provinces later, I had one of the best trips ever.
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