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I have used them in a variety of materials and styles over the years. I used them mostly to keep my feet warm and then only when it was very cold. With the neoprene wetsuit like ones I assumed that my feet were probably going to be wet with sweat, but would feel warm and dry. With the looser fitting canvas ones I tried to stay dry, but figured that they would keep the wind chill off either way. Both approaches worked okay.

These days, rather than keeping feet dry, I find that it works better to just wear socks that don't soak up much moisture and don't feel too soppy when wet while wearing shoes that also don't hold much moisture and do have a lot of mesh for quick draining. For me that means cheap poly socks and Sidi shoes made from Lorica rather than real leather. With that combination my feet never really feel very wet.

I used to have more trouble keeping feet warm back when I tried to keep them completely dry. Now by the time it is cold enough that I have trouble keeping my feet warm any moisture encountered is frozen solid, so the only problem that could cause wet feet is sweat. I typically only ever break out the booties if it will be 0 F or below and I never take them on tour. In a pinch you could go with the bread bags over your socks approach, but I have never bothered to on tour even when it was in the mid teens in the morning.
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