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some people do a really good job on their first frame, and make something that is better than many production frames. Those people are vanishingly rare, and I certainly am not one of those people. Almost 1000 frames later, I can make a pretty good frame.

There are usually compromises made on production frames for a lower level of skill. Because they have to worry about the safety of the first few frames someone makes. I assume the high performance frames are made by more experienced welders. OTOH, Trek sold my 4th frame.

I have always felt that someone that thought they were going to build their dream frame on their first try was not taking things very seriously. It just isn't that easy. And a lot of expensive parts have been ruined in the process, and many such people give up at that point. I think the bare minimum expenditure for someone with no experience and no specialized tools to build a single frame exceeds the cost of even a fairly expensive custom frame.
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