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I recently updated my inventory of li-ion cells, discovering IMRbatteries of Houston, TX in the process. Their prices are low, you can purchase with Paypal, they offer low cost USPS shipping and their cells are authentic (not cheap counterfeits). For example, Panasonic flat top NCR18650B are $5.50 ea (or less), cheaper than any eBay or Amazon seller:

I also bought a new charger, the XTAR VC2. I chose this charger partly due to it's capability to measure total charge added to a cell, a feature not commonly found on li-ion cell chargers:

With the XTAR VC2 charger I was able to confirm capacity (and authenticity) on cells I bought from IMRbatteries. All cells (Panasonic, Sanyo, Imren) charged to nominal capacity. I also checked capacity of some of my old Chinese Xfire cells:

from Deal Extreme:
Trustfire - 2400mAh nominal; 1940, 1975 mAh actual (2 cells, practically new)
Trustfire - 2500mAh nominal; 1728mAh actual, used a good bit

from IMR batteries:
Pana 18650B 3400 nom; 3478, 3425, 3437, 3459 actual (4 cells purchased)
Sanyo 18650GA 3500 nom; 3615 actual
Imren 16340 700 nom; 717,747,721,767 actual

Shipping cost for the 9 cells from via USPS was only $3.85 (UPS was about $18).

The Panasonics measured ~18.3mm x 65.05mm.

BTW, the zero at the end of the 18650, 16340 (cylindrical cell nomenclature) seems to be superfluous - every one ends in a zero. Tesla's Gigafactory now manufactures proprietary 2170 cells, with reportedly 70% more capacity over the Panasonic 1865(0) cells they used before in Tesla vehicles.
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