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Originally Posted by Dahon.Steve View Post
Here's another good one from StreetFilms on how Oslo is going to make the downtown carfree by 2019. They are building new cycle lanes including a fleet of lighter bikes for sharing. It used to be a good idea to make heavy bike share cycles to prevent theft but now we need to move away from this model.

I also like the fact they are buying new articulated buses where everyone can enter using all four doors! This is the first time I've seen where one can pay their fare from any door! It's about time cities begin having an honor system (with fare inspectors) where people can prepay and board using the rear door of the bus.

It's interesting how they are focusing all this expenditure to create a city for walking, biking and transit and in that order. Maybe that's the key to creating a carfree city.
A lot of our streetcars/LRT vehicles now have multi-door entry and card readers for the Presto Card at each door. If you have a paper ticket, you either board at the front and deposit it and ask for a paper transfer, or you get it stamped by a machine on the platform, and carry it with you. Since it would now be easy to get on and off without paying, they have security personnel randomly boarding occasional cars and asking to see everyone's proof of payment (stamped ticket or transfer) or scanning your Presto card to see if you tapped it on the card reader. On a couple of occasions I have seen them confront someone who hasn't paid, but they just gently encourage them to pay now or at the next transfer point. No United Air incidents.

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